I write here to give something that is sincere, meaningful, and in real-time—like the letters or care packages I send friends. I write to deepen my own understanding, not to be better understood. Sometimes, however, we might share those "me too" moments. Those are irreplaceable.

This blog isn't meant to be a heavily-edited publication or museum. No holding spot for shiny thoughts and polished words. Think smaller, simpler narratives. I want to share resources with you, jot thoughts on life lately, talk about squeamish topics, and chronicle the challenges (and joys) of staying put or one day, if God wills, my going elsewhere.

I don't know that these are the best reasons to show up and write. But as you see my weakness and know my humanness, I hope, somehow, these thoughts and words might point you towards God. Always, towards Him—the One whose ways are perfect and promises true.