A portrait poem.

This week at the journaling for healing class, we introduced a simple way of self-identification and self-commentary. It's intriguing what we can discover about ourselves by following a basic structure of a portrait poem.

Co-leading this class and doing the exercises alongside the women has been a very life-giving experience for me. I am learning right with them. Getting to hear the truths, the questions, and desires of each person is always an honor. 

The poem below is what I scribbled in my journal during Tuesday's 20 minute in-class assignment. I was surprised by what came from that time. Although I wrestled to find characteristics I believe I am, victory was stamped onto my heart as ink touched the page, making the final statement.

When I lifted my left-hand up from the journal, I smiled, because this is the woman I am.

The woman God has created me to be. 

i am. . .

I am a tender-hearted and brave woman.
I wonder why they can't find answers.
I see a life without physical pain.
I hear the laughter of a life fully lived.
I want to live with that freedom now. Because I can.
I am a tender-hearted and brave woman.

I pretend I have this all figured out sometimes.
I feel an expectancy rising in me as I know there is more.
I touch my body swollen by inflammation and am reminded.
I worry I will make too many excuses because of illness.
I cry when I experience the endless grace of God even in this.
I am a tender-hearted and brave woman.

I understand nothing is wasted.
I say God is still good. Because He is.
I dream of dancing again to tell a story of redemption.
I try to choose thankfulness no matter how much it hurts.
I hope of a day where I can see the world transformed by Love.
I am a tender-hearted and brave woman.