Guest on Real Talk: The Pod


On my trip out west, I decided to stop living in fear and try new things.

I don't know about you, but I have a knack for placing limitations on what God can do. If an opportunity is not within the scope of my natural ability, then I pass it up without giving it consideration.

I think my insecurities have predetermined their response to "no," and it is finally being corrected of its defiant behavior.

Wild, invaluable lessons are found in the effort, not the excuse making. So what if there is someone else out there who can do it better? The goal is not to be the best, but willing. You never know who may be blessed in the process.

Last week, I sat in a studio trying something I have never done before – recording a podcast! Real Talk: The Pod is run by Bryan Saylor and Ethan Sansoni, two awesome friends who aim to make people laugh, make people think, and tell about a guy who changed their lives.

When they invited me on the show as a guest along with my friend Alex, I was thoroughly excited until a few minutes before recording. As we tested the sound, I felt shaky and uncertain of what I was about to do.

To be honest, I really hadn't prepared for the talk. I've dreaded my voice since I heard it on home videos, and my dislike for microphones is about as strong.

But I had given my yes. The only option was to go for it. And guess what? I had an absolute blast. The guys were reassuring, gracious, and loads of fun to record with.

I also learned I don't hate my voice as much as I thought I did. Saying yes to something new brought more freedom and excitement to my life than I thought possible.

Take that, silly insecurities.

On Episode 57 of RTTP, Alex and I discuss all things related to Instagram. You'll hear what this app means to us, how we use it to build community, some statistics, and personal stories of how it's blessed, grown, and challenged us.

I don't want to give it all away – listen to the episode here! If you enjoy it or were inspired, please show the pod some love after. These guys work really hard to produce new episodes for their listeners every Friday, and I'm sure they'd love your feedback.